About Athletic Wellness

We offer unparalleled recovery services to people of all ages and athletic backgrounds.

Whether you enjoy participating in leisurely sports activities, compete in team or individual sports, or are a professional athlete, our elite level recovery solutions cater to your needs.

Recover Like a Pro!

ATHLETIC WELLNESS is a state-of-the-art facility in a class of its own and offers performance recovery and wellness. Our facility provides athletes at any level the very best training and recovery care while maintaining a strong emphasis on mental fitness and wellness.

Our Founder

Vince Furby

He’s mentored, trained, and coached athletes in the Eau Claire and surrounding area since 2015. Since then he’s helped hundreds of high school talents, teams, and incredible pro athletes.

Now, he’s built an innovative performance recovery program to optimize performance and manage healthy levels of physical and mental well-being.

Vince is a firm believer of being an athlete isn’t just about your physical ability or competitive performance, but also about being consistent and committed to a routine, which helps optimize performance in every area of life.

Recover Like a Pro!

Athletic Wellness will enhance your recovery, improve your performance, and give you the competitive edge!