2914 London Road
Eau Claire, WI 54701


Are you an athlete ready to have the competitive edge? Are you a parent ready for your athlete to have the competitive edge? Are you looking to feel your best and have the competitive edge at your job, at home, or ready to have the competitive edge just to finish a long day? It’s incredibly important to put in the same extra effort with recovery as you would with training.

Athletic Wellness IS your one stop shop for recovery and training in Eau Claire, WI.

Is Athletic Wellness For Me?

Athletic Wellness is more than a gym!

We specialize in muscle recovery and Neuromuscular re-education using state of the art technologies in compression, sauna, massage, red light therapy, PEMF therapy, Neuromuscular Stretching, and Neuromuscular Training.

What Can Athletic Wellness Do For Me?

  • Perform better
  • Recover faster
  • Allow your muscles to absorb and deliver more force and power
  • Reduce likelihood of injury
  • Gain strength without putting pressure on your joints
  • Train harder, even after your muscles have fatigued
  • Rehabilitate chronic or reoccurring injuries
  • Improve your flexibility and mobility
  • Eccentrically train your muscles
  • Enhance muscle activation

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