We offer a variety of services to assist in your recovery. Many of these are included in our membership options, depending on membership level.

Normatec Compression

Enhanced RecoveryPneumatic compression is an effective sports recovery solution that is very popular amongst elite athletes and individuals who enjoy staying active. This recovery method allows compressed air to massage your legs and help speed your recovery.

The benefits of Normatec Compression includes improving circulation, enhancing lymphatic drainage, improves range of movement and flexibility, and helps increase flexibility. This compression technology implements three key techniques to maximize your recovery such as pulsing, gradients, distal release.

Percussive Massage

Percussive MassageThe Theragun is a massage device that uses percussive massage therapy to treat muscle soreness and helps relieve pain. The tool can be used for all individuals who suffer from uncomfortable pain and want relief quickly.

The Theragun alleviates pain, improves mobility, and enhances athletic performance. Other benefits include breaking up scar tissue, releasing muscle spasms, and increasing blood flow. Add this method to your recovery service today for discomfort muscles and joints!

Electrical Stimulation

Neuro ChargeElectrical Stimulation is used to contract muscles that are weak or not functioning effectively. Electrodes are applied to the skin, which are connected via a wire to an electrical stimulation machine.

Electrical stimulation units help decrease pain or muscle spasms. Two types of electrical stimulation that are commonly used for recovery are the Transcutaneous Electrical Neuromuscular Stimulation (TENS) unit, and the Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation (NMES) unit.

Performance Training

What if you could experience the most intense work out by not actually working out?

We offer Neuromuscular Electricity Athletic Recode training to take your physical performance to the next level. We focus on different muscle groups and let the electrodes do all the work for you!

We also offer speed & strength training.

Time to commit to yourself, your future, and be Next Level today!!

Red Light Infrared Sauna

Red Light Infrared SaunaSweat it out! Unburden your body from stress, sore muscles and free radicals with an ancient practice made for the future.

Lay back, relax and unwind as your body burns calories and finds relief from inflammation. Release minor pain, accelerate athletic recovery, boost circulation and improve cardiovascular health.

  • Promote energy and healing
  • Improve circulation and heart health
  • Detoxify heavy metals, relieve inflammation

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