Student Athletes

High School and College amatuer athletes in all varieties of sports such as football, baseball, vollyball, etc.


Professional Athletes

Adult or professional athletes such as body builders, runners, marathon runners, CrossFit athletes, etc.

Construction Worker

Family Athletes

Whether you have a physically demanding job, a desk job, or you stay at home with your family, we all need to recharge!

“I worked with Vince in and out of season, and I accomplished two state championships, in football and track.

I strained my hamstring in the semi final game before state football. Vince helped me recover faster than I ever could. Without his recovery techniques I wouldn’t have been able to play in the state game and score two touchdowns.

Athletic Wellness is something great. This will be the future for all athletes that want to be uncommon and have an edge over others when it comes to game-day.”

Carson Tait

Student athlete

“I’m a retired national level bodybuilder now in my 60’s . I still work out 4 days a week. I recently injured my shoulder while working out .Vince was able to rehab my shoulder in three days and I was able to go back to the gym without any pain what so ever. I was very impressed with Vince’s knowledge and expertise.

I highly recommend anyone with any kind of chronic pain or muscle soreness to visit Athletic Wellness.”

Gary Wathke

Retired bodybuilder

“I have worked with Vincent for about four years now. In and out of all my different athletic seasons. He has trained me in many different ways to accommodate for the skills I needed to work on in Football, Basketball, and Baseball. And I have found it remarkable the things he has helped me accomplish.

Athletic wellness and Vincent Furby have really helped me take my game to the next level. I always have had a dream to play Division I football and Vincent was one of the very few people that believed in me. He trained me for months on end my junior year of high school to get me ready for different combines and camps. And it really paid off, The day of the Minnesota Golden Gopher camp we trained and recovered my body more than ever to get ready for the camp. Including neuromuscular stretching, muscle activation, and red light and sauna therapy to make sure I was at my best. To say the least I was, that day I put up record numbers personally and performed the best I ever have and that led to an offer from Coach P.J. Fleck and my commitment to play football at the University of Minnesota. I really cannot thank Vincent and Athletic Wellness enough.

Athletic Wellness and Vincent Furby helped me do the impossible my senior year of highschool. Going into my senior football season I tore my shoulder and needed labrum surgery to repair it. I wasn’t supposed to be able to play the entire season and was told by many doctors that there isn’t even a possibility I would come back and play. The normal recovery time for the surgery back to a contact sport was five to six months. Well Vince said otherwise, He had me doing his machine with micro current and other stem therapy programs day in and day out. Soon enough I had done the “impossible” with it being exactly eight weeks post operation (62 days) I came back in week five of the regular season and played in my first game senior year. And we kept working on it throughout the season and by the time the playoffs started I was a full go and helped our team eventually win the state championship.

Athletic Wellness is something special and unique to the city of Eau Claire. It offers not only recovery but training as well. To help you be the best overall you can be. Each athlete is specialized to and no one will be cared for the same! Athletic Wellness is the future!”

Zander Rockow

Student Athlete

“I was in the middle of a big marathon build with a lot of miles on my legs and I was feeling it. My hamstrings were tight and nothing I was doing seemed to loosen them up. A few days before the @eauclairemarathon I went to Vince. Within 45 minutes my legs felt better and I had a bounce back in my stride. I was able to run hard for my race and continue training for my marathon build.”

Brent Wathke

Marathon runner

“I’ve had many people ask me how Zander rehabbed from surgery so fast (and not lose any muscle/strength) Here’s one of the ‘secrets’- Vince Furby Faulcon at Athletic Wellness!

Be sure to check him out for all your body/wellness needs. Strength, stretching, body recovery and much more!”

Becki Rockow

Parent of Student Athlete

“When I tore my acl and meniscus I knew Vincent Furby was the guy to go to, and that Athletic Wellness would get me right before surgery. The neuromuscular recovery not only kept my muscles strong, but also caused me to make quick progress.

As Vince’s first female athlete, I am beyond appreciative of how well he worked with me. It was incredible to have someone understand how crucial it was for me to get back to playing volleyball and running track!! He was just as eager as I was!

I recommend everyone to Athletic Wellness. Not only to help recover from injury’s, but to help prevent them, and to get ahead of the game!! Females bodies especially would thrive off this recovery philosophy along will seeing and feeling a physiological difference!”

Payton Merth

Volleyball Athlete

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